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A Resourceress in Sarasota FL

Juliette is now calling Sarasota Florida home and hearth AND INSPIRATIONAL STUDIO.


Juliette was raised in a beautiful and inspiring ocean side town in New Jersey and so loved beautiful colors that many called her “Rainbow Bright.”  When she was eighteen, she moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University where she majored in Sociology.  Three days after graduation she moved to the French Quarter, a wildly creative place.  It was during this seven year period in New Orleans that Juliette’s expressive spirit began to shine.

In 1999 she moved to San Francisco where she took an interest in beads.  Mesmerized by the colors, she began to design simple jewelry pieces. As time passed, she shifted to vintage objects she found like metal flowers and buttons. She loved burnishing them and creating beautiful patinas. When the patina did not provide enough color, Juliette added acrylic paints to the mix.  Suddenly she was painting everything in sight like her shoes and purses!  It was during this time she had the confidence to accept her creative calling, and began to refer to herself as an “artist.”

“The Resourceress” Emerges

In 2000, Juliette began consulting for the Kimpton Group, accessorizing their hotel guestrooms.  Juliette sourced, bought and designed the smaller items like soap dishes, cotton ball holders, and ice buckets.

Soon she was being introduced as “The Sourceress” for the way she could make the ordinary, extraordinary.  Eventually the name stuck and she began to refer to herself as “The Resourceress.”

One day she had a meeting with the General Manager of the Hotel Triton, one of the older properties owned by the Kimpton Group, about designing new knobs for the armoires in the guestrooms.  At the time, she was deeply involved and passionate about her jewelry designs and could not resist sharing her jewelry portfolio with him. The General Manager was very excited by her work and asked if she could embellish telephones.  “Of course,” she exclaimed, never having decorated a phone in her life!

The Hotel Triton is a boutique hotel in downtown San Francisco, and it prides itself on being the “un-hotel,” a whimsical happening that allows you to either see the art, or be the art.

Juliette designed ten unique phones over the next few months, one for every floor, beginning with “The Funkadelic Diva.”  The General Manager was so delighted with her art and enthusiastic nature that he invited her to sell her phones and jewelry during the hotel’s wine hour.  Guests from all over the world adored her phones and wanted to see her other art pieces.  Because of this experience, decorating phones has become one of Juliette’s many artistic trademarks, and she remains actively involved in accessorizing hotels.

“The Resourceress” Today

Today, Juliette is an entrepreneur, an artist, designer, decorator, home stager and business owner; and one thing remains constant: she is extremely passionate about everything she pursues.

In addition to designing unique jewelry and functional phones, she is designing suitcases, purses and clothes!  For Juliette, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

She has developed a close knit group of friends who support her work, and Sarasota appreciates her bold and colorful nature.

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